This post is the beginning of a section that we hope you will enjoy and find as attractive as we do, it is a space where some of our designers will tell both their story and the story behind their projects, with their own words and total freedom. This way you can get to know our designers in a closer and more enjoyable way and who knows? Perhaps connect with them on an emotional level that could not be achieved through a third person story.

First Italian example of private participation in the management of a public cultural heritage, the foundation is a management tool whose “structural” characteristics-insincere nature (mixed public/private), rooting in the Territory ( Participated by the institutions and local banking foundations), decision-making autonomy and budget – since the beginning they have revealed great potential for development. In just over 10 years of the Foundation’s activities, the Egyptian Museum has been able to establish itself as a pole of scientific research internationally renowned for the quality of the projects carried out as well as one of the main national tourist attractions.