Ostraka displaying motives of deities

Upper part of Osiris or a king
19th dynasty (?)
Possibly from Deir el-Medina or Abydos
Black pigment
Height: 11.7 cm
Width: 9 cm
Upper part of a king or Osiris facing to the left. The
figure wears the Atef crown (effectively a “white
crown” with plume on either side). A large uraeus is
attached to the crown. His eye is drawn frontally,
the eyebrow and the cosmetic line are extended
across the temple as parallel lines. Both the ear and
the nose are large.
New Kingdom
Black ink
Figure of a standing god Ptah facing right. He is placed
within a shrine. The sloping pedestal on which the god
stands may represent the mound of creation or the
craftsman’s level and the hieroglyphic symbol for truth
(maat). He is depicted as a mummiform figure with his
feet together and with his hands protruding from his
tightly wrapped shroud which is his conventionalized
characteristic. He holds the
`nh-sign in his right hand,
w3s-sceptre and dd-pillar in his left hand. He
wears a close fitting skull cap. His beard is straight
rather than the usual curved divine beard found on
other Egyptian gods. He wears a large tassel at the
rear of his garment.
The god Ptah’s original cult association seems to have
been with craftsmen. He was revered at Deir
Height: 13.1 cm
Width: 10.1 cm
New Kingdom
Black ink
Drawing of a head of a ram probably representing the
god Amun. He is facing towards right. His large horns
curve around his ears. He has got a serpent drawn on
top of his head.
Height: 7 cm
Width: 7.7 cm
Jackal lying on winged disk
New Kingdom
Black ink
Drawing of a jackal lying on top of a large pair of wings
with solar disk and uraeus, facing right. The wings of a
hawk are symbolizing Horus. Since Horus was
associated with the king, the winged disk  came to have
both royal and protective significance, as well as
representing the heavens through which the sun moved.
Height: 11.3 cm
Width: 10.4 cm
New Kingdom
Black ink
Drawing of the head and the forepart of a kneeling
ram facing right. It has got long wavy horns. There
are traces of faint hieratic inscriptions, perhaps
reading as “may you be divine in…”
Height: 5.2 cm
Width: 8.4 cm
New Kingdom
Black ink
The upper part of a standing figure of the god
Thoth who is depicted as an ibis-headed man facing
right. The lunar disk and crescent on his head
symbolize the moon’s phases. He wears a tripartite
wig. His shoulders are drawn frontally. He wears a
short skirt with a broad band across his body and
over his left shoulder.
Height: 18.7 cm
Width: 10.6 cm

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